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As a kid growing up in North Potomac, MD, Madden Meiners always knew he wanted to be a filmmaker. Through his experience editing the documentary Dugout Canoes for the Cape Fear Museum, Madden gained valuable insight into how to visually tell a story. This positive experience encouraged him to learn more about the industry, and upon graduating from UNCW landed a role on One Tree Hill as the lead’s basketball double. He made use of his time on set to shadow numerous directors, and during the downtime co-produced the sports documentary For Keeps with fellow cast-mate James Lafferty, serving as the film’s director of photography. The documentary was accepted into Wilmington’s Cucalorus Film Festival, and gave Madden the confidence to continue making films. His next project, the short-film Cat Show earned a small cult-following online for its humorous portrayal of cats and their owners at an actual show event, and premiered at the 19th Annual Cucalorus Film Festival. Since then he has produced, directed and even performed in various low-budget commercials, web-videos, and music videos with the latest being the band ScreamCreature’s first released single, “Bonfire.” Currently Madden lives in Durham, NC where he continues to write, produce, and direct short films.


"Bonfire" | Official Selection (Music Video)

2014 Cucalorus Film Festival


"Cat Show" | Official Selection (Short Film)

2013 Cucalorus Film Festival


"Cat Show" - trailer | Official Selection

2013 Great Wall Oakland Cat Video Film Festival

2012 Walker Art Center Cat Video Film Festival


"From the Yard to the Garden" | Official Selction (Short Film)

2012 Cape Fear Film Festival


"For Keeps" | Official Selction (Documentary)

2009 Cucalorus Film Festival


"Dugout Canoes" | 1st Place Multi-Media Visual and Design

17th Annual SE Museum Conference Awards


Features & Press

Fourculture Magazine

"The music video for this track is visually breathtaking...perfectly captures the ephemeral spirit of the song’s lyrics." (re: "Bonfire)


The Daily What

"Cat lovers get the Christopher Guest treatment in Madden Meiners' upcoming documentary, Cat Show." (re: "Cat Show")


Lumina News 

"Cat Show Vibe Illustrated in Short Film" (re: "Cat Show")


Lumina News

"Cucalorus Draws Largest Crowd Yet" (re: "Cat Show")


Star News Online

"Basketball documentary has roots in 'One Tree Hill'" (re: "For Keeps")