Madden Meiners is a published filmmaker and content producer whose work has been featured in various industry and international press outlets. His passion for creative, original storytelling is conveyed through his work producing, directing, and editing various short films, documentaries, animations, branded content and music videos.

Currently, Madden is the video producer at Moogfest in Durham, NC. His most recent work includes producing and directing 'Always On', a 50-hour livestream broadcast featuring performances from female, non-binary, and LGBTQ musicians around the globe. Madden also served as producer and director for the online live music series, Sawyer Sessions, and his work has been published on Slate, Billboard, Paste, Team Coco, Magnet Magazine, and Clash Magazine. 

Features & Press


“Moogfest Shines A Spotlight on Female, Non-Binary and Transgender Musicians” read here


“Get a live concert P.O.V. as Eli Paperboy Reed performs the title track off his new album, My Way Home” (re: Eli 'Paperboy' Reed, “My Way Home”) world premiere


“Reed Turchi performs a medley of Mississippi Blues” (re: Reed Turchi, “Bollweevil/Get Back Train”) read here


“A new song by Green on Red guitarist bids farewell to Bowie, Prince, George Martin, Merle, Ali and others” (re: Chuck Prohphet, “Bad Year For Rock And Roll”) read here


“Madden Meiners directed scenes bring out something quite ancient in her work, her voice billowing up into the clear sky” (re: Globelamp, “The Orange Glow”) read here


Video premiere for Wesley Stace's “Better Tell No One Your Dreams” read here


Video premiere for Jackie Greene's “Trust Somebody” read here

Fourculture Magazine

“The music video for this track is visually breathtaking...perfectly captures the ephemeral spirit of the song’s lyrics.” (re: ScreamCreature “Bonfire”) read here

The Daily What

“Cat lovers get the Christopher Guest treatment in Madden Meiners' upcoming documentary, Cat Show.” (re: “Cat Show”)

Lumina News

“Cat Show Vibe Illustrated in Short Film” (re: “Cat Show”) read here

Lumina News

Cucalorus Draws Largest Crowd Yet” (re: “Cat Show”) read here

Star News Online

“Basketball documentary has roots in 'One Tree Hill'” (re: “For Keeps”)


Studio one | house of joy (commercial)

Rolling Stone Premiere



Billboard Premiere


"Bonfire" | Official Selection (Music Video)

2014 Cucalorus Film Festival


"Cat Show" | Official Selection (Short Film)

2013 Cucalorus Film Festival


"Cat Show" - trailer | Official Selection

2013 Great Wall Oakland Cat Video Film Festival

2012 Walker Art Center Cat Video Film Festival


"From the Yard to the Garden" | Official Selection (Short Film)

2012 Cape Fear Film Festival


"For Keeps" | Official Selction (Documentary)

2009 Cucalorus Film Festival


"Dugout Canoes" | 1st Place Multi-Media Visual and Design

17th Annual SE Museum Conference Awards