"Glory Of Love" by Otis Redding

One of my favorite artists is Otis Redding, and part of the gift to my girlfriend for our two-year anniversary was my animated rendition of the late-great singing his song, "Glory Of Love".  

After watching many of his live performances and studying his movements, I did my best to re-create them within Illustrator and animate the layers through After Effects. Of course, it would have amazing to hear and see Otis Redding live in-person during his time, but his music and lyrics still live-on almost everyday in our house on vinyl and on Spotify. So, here's to 2 years with the one I love, and the memory of someone who knew love best.

Dog Days at Beer Durham

My local beer shop, Beer Durham, is doing a monthly event called "Dog Days" where they help drive awareness for pet adoptions and support for Durham's Animal Protection Services (APS).

As regulars at Beer Durham and having just adopted a puppy of our own, I was asked to create a video capturing the event- and what's better than drinking good beer and hanging out with dogs all afternoon?

APS feeds, shelters, provides medical care for and matches families with animals of all shapes and sizes. Each month Beer Durham donates a portion of their draft sales proceeds from the event to APS, and collects different items of need that are vital to keeping the shelter operating and running.

Dogs + Beer = Dog Days.

The Flower Guy

City Center District bloom on historic Parrish Street facade, downtown Durham

A few weeks back on the way to dinner, my girlfriend and I discovered a large graffiti flower on the side of a worn-down facade in the City Center District of downtown Durham. The street-art looked so familiar that I stopped to take a photo, and after some research on social media we discovered that Michael De Feo, aka 'The Flower Guy', was in Durham planting his iconic blooms.

Red bloom greeting drivers entering the downtown Loop near the Carolina Theater

Deteriorating facades on Parrish and Main Street will be removed in upcoming year renovations

The bloom looked so familiar because I remember seeing The Flower Guy's work featured in Banksy's "Exit Through The Gift Shop" . Living on Wrightsville Beach for a number of years, the only graffiti I ever noticed was ignorant vandalism but living in downtown Durham I've become more aware of the buildings and historic structures- especially the ones tagged by a well-known street artist. 

Warehouse District bloom outside the old Liggett & Myers Tobacco building

Living in a smaller city, it's not often I have the chance to see- or stumble upon in the process, works of art by such household names as Michael De Feo's The Flower Guy and Shepard Fairey's OBEY. Being a curious filmmaker, I reached out to Michael De Feo to see if I could film him at-work during his time here since I noticed he was hitting parts of Raleigh as well. Unfortunately, I just just missed him as he already left and was back in New York. 

Bloom on Durham Bookcases building // Warehouse District

Bloom behind 9th street renovations // Old West Durham

Even though Michael De Feo was busy planting blooms back home, I grabbed my camera and took photos of what I could find around the neighborhood. I wanted to capture his work before the weather/construction/greedy art-horders started to deteriorate the pieces- as it was, someone has already tried to remove the flower on the Durham Bookcase building.

Sidewalk sprout near Monuts Donuts 

As excited as I was on social media to post photos of The Flower Guy's blooms, I was equally pumped to know that he chose Durham as his canvas- a city I've grown to love and appreciate and in such a short period of time for its sense community, character and history.

Vines of Blooms:

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